Product Overview

  • Easy to Operate & Easy DIY installation
  • Excellent 24 Hour Surveillance with whole Room Surveillance
  • 270° of Horizontal Pan (left and right) & 120° of Vertical Tilt (up and down)
  • Impressed Night Vision with 10 built in LED lights with industrial Level Infrared Filter
  • Multiple Remote Platform Viewing Options - Use via the Internet from your 3G Mobile Phone, Laptop, PC, or Tablet Devices
  • Unlimited Patrol Tours Consisting of 16 Preset Positions - 2 Way Communication - Whisper Quiet
MPcam Wireless IP Camera
     Note: Is important for you to be aware that in addition to National laws, there may/will also be Provincial, City and Local Police laws that may/will be in effect in your area. So check with each state agency to ensure you are not breaking any laws in your region. Ignorance is no longer an excepted excuse for not being aware. There are really three common points to ensure you...
The motion detection feature of our MP Camera is designed to ensure the “act” is caught and transmitted in near real time for safe storage, this can be on premises or away to another device. You control what is saved and where to.
The microphone is located inside the IP Cam. If you can see the video from the accompanied MPCam software, but can not hear the audio sound, then please check the following: Make sure the computer or device speakers are turned on. Make sure you do not have your device speakers muted. Test your device audio program by playing an audio file. 
These are some helpful hints for your MPcam security camera. Forgot your user name or password? Default User Name: Admin Default Camera Password: Blank, do not enter anything. If you have changed your user name or password and forgotten it, then the only way to access your device again will be to restore the camera to its original factory default settings. *Note: If you...
When Is Enough – Enough? Do you know that London England has the worlds most proliferate CCTV camera systems. England has always led that count with an estimated 4.2 million, but new studies suggest these numbers are much lower now at 1.85 million cameras.  We have calculated this to an average of one camera for every 41.6 people in living in London and its 32 surrounding boroughs at 7....
Networking IP Cameras with an embedded Operating System (OS) should not require any additional software.  However, some cell phones do require a program to view the video feed, check with your cell phone provider to see if anything will be required for your cell phone.
Well that depends on what your protecting, the size and purpose. For example:  Casino’s, Financial Institutions & Big Box stores use what is called CCTV or Closed Circuit Television Camera, these are systems which utilize heavy duty components (Camera’s, Monitors, Computers, Servers, Cables, Digital Video Records), etc.   And these systems also require monitoring, maintenance and...
The definition of a pixel is as follows: In digital imaging, a pixel, or pel,[1] (picture element[2]) is a physical point in a raster image, or the smallest addressable element in a display device; so it is the smallest controllable element of a picture represented on the screen. The address of a pixel corresponds to its physical coordinates. LCD pixels are manufactured in a two-...
IP Cameras record very high quality images (depending on your model), recording this surveillance feed on a DVR is possible but not the best decision as you would require an exorbitant amount of hard disk space and multiple DVR's to cover all your cameras.  IP cameras operate differently from a regular CCTV camera, they can be connected right to your network and they have a RJ45...
Yes, it acts as a standalone web-server.
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