Product Overview

  • Easy to Operate & Easy DIY installation
  • Excellent 24 Hour Surveillance with whole Room Surveillance
  • 270° of Horizontal Pan (left and right) & 120° of Vertical Tilt (up and down)
  • Impressed Night Vision with 10 built in LED lights with industrial Level Infrared Filter
  • Multiple Remote Platform Viewing Options - Use via the Internet from your 3G Mobile Phone, Laptop, PC, or Tablet Devices
  • Unlimited Patrol Tours Consisting of 16 Preset Positions - 2 Way Communication - Whisper Quiet
MPcam Wireless IP Camera
IP Camera’s technology was released in 1996; today they are being used for surveillance on a large scale and have been successfully around for more than 15 years now.
The most popular uses are as follows: Observing Area’s Security of Area’s Safety (Location or Person) Monitoring Traffic Movement (Vehicles or People) Identification (Individual) Other then the intended use of security & surveillance, we have noticed a growing trend in the purchase of security cameras for uses other then those listed above. That’s right...
These are some helpful hints for your MPcam security camera. Forgot your user name or password? Default User Name: Admin Default Camera Password: Blank, do not enter anything. If you have changed your user name or password and forgotten it, then the only way to access your device again will be to restore the camera to its original factory default settings. *Note: If you...
Yes, This camera can be used for videoconferencing purposes,. Our camera supports MPEG4 compression and audio . It also has a built-in microphone for two way communication capabilities. Just remember to set your camera setting FPS (Frames Per Second) to full speed., otherwise you picture will be choppy in appearance.
In a previous blog I spoke to you with interesting facts about security cameras and how law enforcement using it, interestingly I pointed out that Britain has the most extensive public CCTV networks in the world, in 2008 it was estimated at 4.2 million cameras. Nowadays it is becoming a much more complex world and as our world changes and grows so does the technology used to protect us. ...
No, once the IP Surveillance Camera is installed and configured, the Camera is independently accessible from any web browser without your home computer being on. The Network Camera is an independent entity, with its own IP address, just like your home computer.
What is LED?                                              VARYING TYPES & COLOURS                  VARYING SIZES LED  (Light Emitting Diode) is a semiconductor light source. An electronic device which lights up when electricity is passed through it. LEDs are usually red, but can come in varying colours when their chemical properties are changed or by combing ingredients, such as...
     Note: Is important for you to be aware that in addition to National laws, there may/will also be Provincial, City and Local Police laws that may/will be in effect in your area. So check with each state agency to ensure you are not breaking any laws in your region. Ignorance is no longer an excepted excuse for not being aware. There are really three common points to ensure you...
An IP Camera is a true networking device containing an embedded OS (Operating System), supports multiple users, and can be viewed using any web browser. It does not require additional hardware to operate and therefore has the flexibility to be located anywhere with a network connection. A web cam must be connected to a host computer, supports only one user at a time, and cannot be shared on a...
The correct steps to reset configure are: Press and hold the reset button down, located at the base of the camera. Keep the reset button down for about 20 seconds.
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