Product Overview

  • Easy to Operate & Easy DIY installation
  • Excellent 24 Hour Surveillance with whole Room Surveillance
  • 270° of Horizontal Pan (left and right) & 120° of Vertical Tilt (up and down)
  • Impressed Night Vision with 10 built in LED lights with industrial Level Infrared Filter
  • Multiple Remote Platform Viewing Options - Use via the Internet from your 3G Mobile Phone, Laptop, PC, or Tablet Devices
  • Unlimited Patrol Tours Consisting of 16 Preset Positions - 2 Way Communication - Whisper Quiet
MPcam Wireless IP Camera
Our MP camera is dedicated to providing 24/7 security monitoring of any home, office or business which requires day and night security. Our MPCam can easily be mounted to any wall or ceiling and offers 120° tilt and 270° pan, providing full monitoring of the space in which the device is located. In addition our camera has unlimited tours which consist of 18 preset positions. Each camera...
Network IP Cameras equipped with DivX compression technology can store almost a month of continuous video on a 20-gigabyte hard drive.
There's no getting around it, look around next time your out and about, you have an 60% chance or greater that someone, somewhere is watching you. And this rate is more likely 99.9% if your in a Major Shopping Center, Urban Setting.  Today's environment has most retail and department stores, banks and other financial establishments, police and government agencies, casinos using security...
Yes, Network Cameras allow your camera to be viewed by other users, if they have a high-speed connection to the Internet. Most Network Cameras come with software that allows for multiple user configuration, security and management.
No it’s not Monty Python’s Flying Circus. We thought we would talk this week about web sites with web cameras where you could look in on what others are doing or just take a peek at a far away land you may never get to. Take a stroll down the beach in Mission Beach California or how about in Rio De Janeiro Brazil, Buenos Aires or Kauai Hawaii, they are all as close as the click of the...
Megapixel Screenshot             HDTV Screenshot There’s no disputing it. Megapixel IP cameras and HDTV IP cameras offer the best image quality on the market.  Megapixel IP Cameras and HDTV IP Cameras both produce excellent quality images. But there is confusion surrounding the differences between high definition (HD) IP cameras and megapixel IP cameras. The terms are often...
The most popular uses are as follows: Observing Area’s Security of Area’s Safety (Location or Person) Monitoring Traffic Movement (Vehicles or People) Identification (Individual) Other then the intended use of security & surveillance, we have noticed a growing trend in the purchase of security cameras for uses other then those listed above. That’s right...
CPU 2.0GHZ or above (suggested 3.0GHz) Memory Size 256MB or above (suggested 1.0GHz) Display Card 64M or above Supported OS Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7, Mac, Browser IE 6.0, IE7.0, IE8, Firefox or other standard browsers.
Ever ask yourself this question? Only to find out you should have. Ever thought about doing something? Put it off and then realized you needed it done. Ever gone to buy something? Again, put it off to regret it later on. I’m pretty sure, everyone has. When it comes to our own safety its one thing to take chances, but when you start gambling with the safety of others well that’s...
The correct steps to reset configure are: Press and hold the reset button down, located at the base of the camera. Keep the reset button down for about 20 seconds.
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