Product Overview

  • Easy to Operate & Easy DIY installation
  • Excellent 24 Hour Surveillance with whole Room Surveillance
  • 270° of Horizontal Pan (left and right) & 120° of Vertical Tilt (up and down)
  • Impressed Night Vision with 10 built in LED lights with industrial Level Infrared Filter
  • Multiple Remote Platform Viewing Options - Use via the Internet from your 3G Mobile Phone, Laptop, PC, or Tablet Devices
  • Unlimited Patrol Tours Consisting of 16 Preset Positions - 2 Way Communication - Whisper Quiet
MPcam Wireless IP Camera
There have been so many improvements to mobile phone hardware and with the reduction in prices for bandwidth, it’s no wonder people are trying to integrate their cell phones with their security systems. The benefits are numerous. Remote Viewing While Away. Immediate Access. 24/7 Accessibility. No Expensive Systems To Buy, Lease And Install. No Maintenance Or Fees...
     Note: Is important for you to be aware that in addition to National laws, there may/will also be Provincial, City and Local Police laws that may/will be in effect in your area. So check with each state agency to ensure you are not breaking any laws in your region. Ignorance is no longer an excepted excuse for not being aware. There are really three common points to ensure you...
        The IP surveillance market was strong in 2011 and shows no signs of slowing. In fact; 2012 is shaping up to be another banner year for the industry, Internet search results show IP Camera Sales rose anywhere from 20%-30% in 2011, you might be interested to know what the dominating factors are. Declining Analog Surveillance Sales: Why? Because they are expensive, antiquated,...
Today’s topic is just what it means, we will educate you what the different terms are and do. What is the definition for each and what each offers the users. IP or Network Camera Is for internet protocol, which means the camera operates as to internet protocol or rules, which block certain users from hacking or connecting to the devices most times by using a secured network...
Cameras with an embedded OS communicated directly with the user, the images or video is sent directly from the camera to the person accessing the camera. A Network camera without an embedded OS must rely on a third party server or a separate piece of software, meaning the images/video is sent to the third party server, then the user access the image from the third party server.
The camera records continuously regardless of motion. However, as soon as the motion detection feature is activated, you have options as to what you want done. You can do the following. Have the camera e-mail you text which will state what happened, where and when. Have the camera send you an alert with pictures. Have the camera send someone else an alert, same options as above...
Our MPcam camera is designed for dual use both wired and/or wireless. So, Why Go Wireless?   Our MPcam camera features a secure wireless operating system (IEEE 802.11b/g network connection with WEP & WPA/WPA2-PSK encryption with advanced SSL/HTTPS encryption to protect user's privacy form malicious intrusions. With its DIY and easy to install setup you will be up and running in...
G-mail only supports TLS at 465 port and STARTTLS at 25/587 port.
Our products come with software. Please always read the specifications and check the camera kit for all items included in purchase. It does not matter if you buy 1 or require 10-20 pieces all our products come with software. The only additional item you may require is an ethernet cable and router to setup the camera
A Network IP Camera is a stand-alone device which allows a user to view live, full motion video from anywhere on a computer network, even over the Internet, using a standard web-browser.
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