About MPcam

Formed in early 2005 and headquartered in China MPcam has since expanded into the North American market.

MPcam has grown to become a strong player and manufacturer within this industry and are very well known in the Asian market. and has now embarked on expanding our customer base into Canadian and eventually the American marketplace. Locations are currently being sourced, so look for a retail outlet near you soon or if you'd wish to partner with us then please contact sales@mpcam.com, we would be delighted to hear from you.

As North America is a new marketplace for MPcam we currently only feature one product, our strongest and best selling unit, the F-Series MPF-7018, as we become familiar with the market and determine what is sustainable we will add additional products. Our F-Series MPF-7018 has enhanced options such as: It’s easy to use software, multiple viewing platforms, built-in 2-way communication, 24/7 surveillance with impressed night vision, industrial level infrared filter with 10 LED lights, quick DIY installation and most importantly our low price point and exceptional warranty offer. To enforce our belief in our product with our customers.

MPcam stands 100% behind our product offering our customers a full 1 year warranty with options to purchase a 3 year or lifetime warranty. Priced reasonably at $19 or $49. How do we do this? Simple, using our team of seasoned hardware/software engineers and “I.T.” business professionals from diverse technical backgrounds. They have eons of expertise across a broad spectrum of the industry sectors and are continually developing new products/solutions to help improve your security/safety in your home/business and to reduce/eliminate potential risks/threats. Furthermore we can help businesses by removing/eliminating remedial and/or labour intensive processes. MPcam provides specialized products and solutions for the home and/or business and understands that not all sites (Home/Business) are created equal; so we can customize solutions unique to your environment and to your requirements. Our current customers have had nothing but praise for our product, citing such items as; ease of use and the cameras easy DIY installation. And as one customer said “This Product Is Pure Simplicity”. Regardless of your location, be it home, business or property MPcam has the right product and/or solution for you. We were there in the beginning and we want to always been there for you!