And Now For Something Completely Different?

No it’s not Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

We thought we would talk this week about web sites with web cameras where you could look in on what others are doing or just take a peek at a far away land you may never get to.

Take a stroll down the beach in Mission Beach California or how about in Rio De Janeiro Brazil, Buenos Aires or Kauai Hawaii, they are all as close as the click of the mouse away.


Sure you may not feel the warm tropical sun or breeze or smell the sea air, but it’s the next best thing.  Sure you can not enjoy it, but sometimes just a change of scenery will perk you right up.

Don’t want to go to the beach then how about a zoo or other tourist site, there are cameras at almost every major attraction, you just have to search for them.


Note: Some of the video stream live feeds while others stream snapshots updated every few seconds or minutes.

A couple years back we took our vacation and found out the resort had a web camera at the main entrance to facility, so each day we went by the gate at noon and waved hello and sent our children hugs and kisses via the web cam, when we got home they told us we saw you guys and we waved back did you see us, Well we all know that answer.

Nowadays with the invent of security cameras like our MPcam F-Series MPF-7018 we can not only see our children but communicate with them, using its built in 2-Way Communication feature.  


So why not check out some of these sites out there and then go and search for mnore of your own And while at why not let MPcam hook you up with not only a way to communicate with your family, but keep them secure at the same time.

Camera Viewing Websites.