Can I View My IP Camera Using My Cell Phone?

There have been so many improvements to mobile phone hardware and with the reduction in prices for bandwidth, it’s no wonder people are trying to integrate their cell phones with their security systems.

The benefits are numerous.

  • Remote Viewing While Away.
  • Immediate Access.
  • 24/7 Accessibility.
  • No Expensive Systems To Buy, Lease And Install.
  • No Maintenance Or Fees.
  • No Data Storage Charges.

However, despite the fact that modern phones are powerful, they are still not full fledged computers, meaning they have limitations which can prevent video or images from being displayed.

Note: Not all cell phones are capable of accessing or streaming the video feeds.


Before You Buy.

You need to determine the following.

1)  How old is your cell phone?

  • If your cell phone is older then 3 years it may not have the features required to access your IP camera or allow video/image streaming.

2)  In order to view your IP camera on your mobile phone.

  • You must have a connection to the IP camera.
    • If you are trying to view it from the same location as your IP camera you should use your local WiFi link, if available.

3)  The IP camera always needs to be connected to the internet router (Wired or Wireless).

  • The router will direct you to the IP camera.
    • If you are trying to connect remotely and there is no internet link available, then you will not be able to connect.

4)  The IP camera must be configured to allow remote access.

5) You must also ensure your IP camera has a secure user name and password if you are connecting it to the internet.

  • Remember, if you can access the IP camera, others can to, so be secure and password protect your devices.

6) Try testing your connection by trying to access your IP camera from a family or friend’s internet connection.

  • If you can see live footage from the IP camera then a mobile phone should be able to access the video feed as well.


Why Are There Issues With My Android Browser?

There are numerous reports regarding Android phones and browser issues.  The problem is due to the way the IP cameras stream the images. Instead of streaming a single JPEG image at a time, IP cameras send a stream of continuous JPEG images.  

  • Most browsers will convert this and will either display them one after another. 
  • The Android browser takes the stream as a single file, downloading the entire file before displaying it.
    • Problem with this is the file never ends so the image will not display.

To fix this issue and circumvent the problem, it is recommended you try downloading a 3rd party browser. Such as Google Chrome  or Firefox  , they are available free of charge and will provide similar functionality to your Android Phone.


The current state of IP camera software and mobile phone hardware means viewing an IP camera is now quite easy.

Almost all IP cameras now support this function, but when in doubt consult your IP camera users manual to see if there are any restrictions or limitations noted.

Many Android owners will be able to view depending on their phones hardware, but they may have to do a little adjusting.

Most if not all new cell phones can stream video images from your IP camera.  If you are using an older phone it may not be compatible and will not work with the IP camera.

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