How do I know if there is a security camera present?

How do I know if there is a security camera present?

Well the truth is you do not. 

If you can see them, there is a good chance they are there, but companies are now making cameras in varying forms to hide them out of sight, not to be devious but to protect the devices from tampering.

I previously wrote in an article how cameras take different shapes and sizes, such as stones, mail boxes, teddy bears, etc..  But these gadgets have the cameras within and one can see the camera lens if they look closely.

But now comes the next generation (Invisible) cameras.

Do you think its magic or something or an optical illusion. Well sorry to say but it all has to do with technology. As today’s gadgets allow the camera to be hidden in plain sight concealed within ordinary objects, they use what is called Black-Ops Plastics.

Black-Ops plastic is designed so that a camera’s lens can view through the plastic. On the outside it appears as a black surface, we can not see inside yet the camera can easily view through this plastic and render whatever is outside its viewing area crisp, clear and visible.

That’s right, they are totally invisible to our eyes.

So is there any way of knowing?

The only sure way you will know if security cameras are present is to look at the entrances before you enter. By law in Canada you must post notice that the premises are under surveillance if security cameras are present, to learn why, please see the following post.

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