IP Camera - 101

Today’s topic is just what it means, we will educate you what the different terms are and do.

What is the definition for each and what each offers the users.

IP or Network Camera

Is for internet protocol, which means the camera operates as to internet protocol or rules, which block certain users from hacking or connecting to the devices most times by using a secured network connection. It also allows the control (interface) between the user and the device.


Is just that a device with no wires except for a power outlet and is some cases can be battery operated and have no wires at all. The devices are connected at setup using an Ethernet cable but once connected and the camera settings are adjusted to WiFi the cables can be removed and the camera will operate independently without them.


PTZ stands for Pan, Tilt and Zoom and is used for elevating, rotating and enhancing the subject surveillance buildings or persons, such as those in government or high security buildings. PTZ security cameras usually operate on CCTV and network type connections.

Being able to adjust their view is its most important benefit to security installations. Some of PTZ cameras can be manually manipulated with help of joystick and keyboard, some require only the click of the mouse and yet others have self-tracking technology, built in brains for the cameras. You can relish various benefits by using PTZ cameras.

Remote Access   

Implies that a camera can operated remotely from any device, such as laptops, desktops, notebooks, smart phones, tablets, etc outside the camera monitoring area, to allow its users to view and interact with its subjects if they so wish to. The only requirement for this is you the operator needs to have internet access and connectivity.

Alarm Settings

An armed camera states the camera has capabilities to add alarms to the devices so they can alert or trigger the alarms if motion or intrusion is detected. They generally have alarm inputs which connect to devices like door contacts or windows, motion detectors and glass break devices and can be placed in the critical areas and connected to the camera. When any activity occurs in these hot spots, the cameras either trips the alarms to force the intruders out and/or relay images or video and email messages to the owners so they can determine if the authorities need to respond to the location regarding the threat which is occurring.

Preset Patrols

Some cameras allow the operator to program the camera to continually rotate around the surveillance area, so it covers a wider area, instead of remaining stationary and viewing one specific point.

2 Way Communications

Some cameras offer 2 Way Communications while others have one way or no communication features. 2 Way Communications is the ability for the users to not only listen in on what is happening in the surveillance area, but also allows the user to speak to the surveillance area. With 2 Way Communications it is easy for the user to have a conversation with the target audience. Home owners like this as it allows them to watch children and tell them to behave or stop what they are doing or to sooth an upset infant with the calming sounds of their voice.

Email & FTP Settings

Email and FTP setting are tools the user can use. Email Settings allows the user to send alerts and images or video to their devices when they are not at the surveillance area. FTP Settings allows to the user to upload his captured data and store it, images or video.

Variable Speed

This settings allows the user to set the speed at which the device records, you can use it snap images every 5 seconds or every 30 seconds or set the device so the camera shows live action.  When the camera is set to taking pictures every ten seconds, it will upload the image to your FTP site and display the new image in its software viewing window.

Impressed Night Vision    

During the dark hours or low light situations the camera can work wonders by peering into the darkness to reveal hidden dangers. These cameras are equipped with the day and night features which switch to the super sensitive modes to gather details in lowest of lights situations. These cameras usually have built in infrared illuminations. LED’s and some offer IT onboard.

Infrared Filters

Infrared filters are designed to block or reflect mid range infrared wave lengths while allowing visible light are typically blue or sometimes red in colour.  Photographers use them to place them over the lens of their cameras, in security cameras there are used in conjunction with CMOS or CCD chips, by using an infrared filter it allows the user to see what the naked eye can not; just like an owl can pear into the darkness.

Multiple Viewing Platforms   

A camera with multiple viewing platforms allows the user the choice of were and when they can view their security camera's. Not all security cameras offer this feature. So what s this feature? This feature allows the user to connect to his/her security camera using devices other then there computer. For example, you can use a laptop, notebook, tablet or cell phone (Smart Phone) as long as you have internet connection you can connect with another device.


LED’s or Liquid Emitting Diodes are lights which will light up the area being monitored as darkness falls.  LED’s can vary in size and types, for more information refer to our previous blog.

Security Camera's   

A security camera is a device which offers most if not all the above options.

For example our MPcam F-Series Model #7018 Security Camera is a network camera (IP camera ready), which has Video Surveillance Software, Wireless, P&T Control, Remote Access, Alarm Settings, Preset Patrols Setting with Unlimited Patrols, 2 Way Communication, Email & FTP Settings, Variable Speed, Impressed night vision with built in Industrial Strength I/R filters with 10 LED lights for the most sensitive video surveillance situations.  And did I mention our camera is whisper quiet, in fact it is so quiet you will not even notice its operating if it was not for a small flashing green light on the front.

And remember your camera can only work if you can see the area, so proper camera maintenance should be followed.

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