LED & Infrared Filters

What is LED?



LED  (Light Emitting Diode) is a semiconductor light source.

An electronic device which lights up when electricity is passed through it. LEDs are usually red, but can come in varying colours when their chemical properties are changed or by combing ingredients, such as.

Aluminum Gallium Arsenide (AlGaAs), Gallium Arsenide (GaAs), Gallium Arsenide Phosphide (GaAsP), Aluminum Gallium Indium Phosphide (AlGaInP), Gallium (III) Phosphide (GaP), Indium Gallium Nitride (InGaN), Gallium (III) Nitride (GaN), Zinc Selenide (ZnSe), Silicon Carbide (SiC), Silicon (Si), Aluminium Nitride (AIN), Yellow Phosphor, Red Phosphor and Blue Phosphor.

Conventional LEDs are made from a variety of inorganic semiconductor materials and can produce varying colours,  like:

Infrared, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Ultraviolet, White

LED's are good for displaying images because they can be relatively small and they do not burn out. You may not know it but you see them everyday in our surroundings.

Most frequently they are used in the automotive industry, turn signal, head lamp and interior bulbs on your vehicle.



They can reside in the displays of your electronic devices, for example: DVD & CD players, Alarm Clocks, Wrist Watches, etc





Every wonder how you can see your watch in the dark, well the little light, you get when you push the button, is a LED light at work.

However, they require more power than LCD’s, but the amount used is miniscule and not worth going into detail, another advantage of using LED's instead of LCD's is they are sturdier devices and will not break as easily as LCD's which are prone to damage.


What is Infrared

Infrared (IR) light is electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength longer than that of visible light, measured from the nominal edge of visible red light at 0.74 micrometers (µm), and extending conventionally to 300 µm. These wavelengths correspond to a frequency range of approximately 1 to 400 THz and include most of the thermal radiation emitted by objects near room temperature. Microscopically, IR light is typically emitted or absorbed by molecules when they change their rotational-vibrational movements.

Simply put they allow you see what the naked eye can not, they make hidden things visible either by monitoring and displaying heat omitted from the objects or by contrasting them against its surroundings, sounds good doesn't it.

Infrared light is used in industrial, scientific, and medical applications. Night-vision devices using infrared illumination allow people or animals to be observed without the observer being detected. In astronomy, imaging at infrared wavelengths allows observation of objects obscured by interstellar dust. Infrared imaging cameras are used to detect heat loss in insulated systems, observe changing blood flow in the skin, and overheating of electrical apparatus.

And more recently in industry it has grown into use in IP Cameras or Security Cameras.

LED and Infrared sensors are popular, because they are fairly cheap and easy to produce, they come in varying sizes and can be easily adapted to fit almost any application or device. They can add to an item by enhancing its features, example, your IP Camera views it surroundings, but when darkness falls its rendered useless because it can not see in the dark, add infrared and LED's and presto, you can see again.

Furthermore, you can access them 24/7/365 from almost anywhere assuming you have internet access, then your connected. Always know what is happening at the click of a button or get e-mail alerts of intrusions of disturbances of the areas being monitored.

Our product the MPcam F-Series MPF-7018, does just this, it uses Impressed Night Vision with 10 built in LED lights with Industrial Level Infrared Filter to allow exceptional vision even in the darkest of settings. So what you waiting for come in from the dark and start by choosing our MPcam camera.

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