MPcamera - Wireless (WIFI)

Our MPcam camera is designed for dual use both wired and/or wireless.

So, Why Go Wireless?  

Our MPcam camera features a secure wireless operating system (IEEE 802.11b/g network connection with WEP & WPA/WPA2-PSK encryption with advanced SSL/HTTPS encryption to protect user's privacy form malicious intrusions.
With its DIY and easy to install setup you will be up and running in mere minutes, in fact the most difficult decision you will need to make is where to place your MPcam security camera.
Wireless Security Cameras Benefits

  • No Wiring – The absence of wires on our MPcam camera make wireless security a preferable choice over wired security cameras. Wiring can damage the overall esthetic appeal of your home or office decor with intrusive wires and cables strewn about.
  • Easy To Install – Our MPcam security cameras are so easy to install as they do not involve endless wiring as a pre-requisite. They are made for the DIY types.
  • Portable – You can move the MPcam camera around in your home or office, they are not permanent like a wired system. If you shift from your current location, the security system can be uninstalled and moved with minimal effort.
  • Flexible – You can install the MPcam cameras even in the most remote locations where wiring is not possible. Location is not a constraint for wireless cameras as long as it has a power source.
  • Multi – You can choose as many cameras as you want, there is no limitations on how many MPcam cameras you want to install.
  • Price – Our MPcam is very affordable, a fraction of the costs of a wired systems as MPcam requires less components to function, we have no cables, digital video recorders or switches.  And our MPcam  requires much less time to install and maintain in comparison to wired systems which are very labor intensive and require ongoing maintenance of all the additional components.

Hence, it is always better to go for a wireless camera.

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