Pixel Perfect

The definition of a pixel is as follows:

In digital imaging, a pixel, or pel,[1] (picture element[2]) is a physical point in a raster image, or the smallest addressable element in a display device; so it is the smallest controllable element of a picture represented on the screen. The address of a pixel corresponds to its physical coordinates. LCD pixels are manufactured in a two-dimensional grid, and are often represented using dots or squares, but CRT pixels correspond to their timing mechanisms and sweep rates.

Recently I have begun to receive questions from individuals who purchased these multi megapixel cameras or devices and have found the image quality is not good as it was believed to be and they are asking me why, thus this topic

When it comes to pixels for your digital cameras or camcorders or even cell phones now, it’s all the rage, which has more!  But when it comes to pixels for your surveillance camera then there is rally no need for it.


Simple unless the device you are using to view the image is also capable of of such quality like 720p/1080p or Plasma then what ever the camera views will not come through in this crystal clear format, it just rather pointless to purchase a camera with these features.

Only the big corporations do this, why because they have the deep pockets and can afford it, but for the average user, it is an expense which is not justified.

Most times 99.9% of you will be viewing it on your hand held device or PC/laptop or other device which does not have the capability.

OK so, you went ahead and bought both devices yet your image is not crisp& clear. Again I get asked and it is again simple you are probably using the wrong type of connectors to each device, you need to go with top line connectors like HDMI cables as the signals will not come through on regular co-axle cables.

For complete details on this please refer to my previous blog, Megapixel IP cameras and HDTV IP cameras.

So all I can say is do your homework and make sure that you purchase everything which is required to view in the format you want and what your budget will allow, even better check out our camera.

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