Spy Camera’s or Hidden Cameras

Whatever you call them they all do the same thing, they lurk in dark places, are hidden or obscured from view, disguised or miniature and they all spy!

Detective agencies use spy cameras as legitimate tools in their trade, to gather and ascertain information about the subjects of their investigations, such as adultery, thefts, vandalism, surveillance, medical or insurance scams, etc…  They use the devices to record, photograph or video the subjects for future prosecution and/or as proof of the subject act caught.

Before I go on with this or you purchase a hidden device, please check your city, state and country laws. Even if people are aware a camera is present, the placement of the device could be deemed illegal. For example do not place a camera in the hall next to a change room or bathroom, the cameras should never be allowed to view these areas even from a distance.  If you’re not careful, you will end up in trouble instead of the perpetrator your trying to catch.  And remember, cameras should never be used for misguided, obscene or sexual purposes.

Spy cameras are out there where you least expect them in all shapes, sizes and forms. From the traditional form to abstract and simply bizarre devices.  Some of them are particle, some weird and some just pure genius.

Do a quick internet search and you will find hundreds and thousands of hits as there are so many businesses now which cater these unique products. These businesses tend to specialize in equipment for spying, tracking, recording, etc or add them to compliment as an extension of their business.

The cameras they carry come in many forms and cater to what the customers want.  You need a small camera for covert assignments, how about a hidden camera for gathering Intel and yes, they even having cameras for just plain old fun.

But frankly speaking if you are using them for fun, then do so in good taste, make sure the individuals you are capturing are aware they are being recorded.  It's not too funny watching and recording someone while they act silly or are caught doing something embarrassing without their knowledge, so think before you act.

Have you ever wondered what is out there?  Well guess no more, here are a few examples of how a camera can be disguised.

If you do not see what you want as pictured, then type the product type in the keyword search engine and I’m sure you find what you want.







And so on and so on, the choices are limitless.


How about a peephole camera for your door?

No need to put your face right to the hole, simply push the button and view the screen.  Traditional peepholes can allow those outside to view in, albeit a somewhat distorted view, a shadow moving on the other side, but not with this device, it’s one way viewing only.

And best of all it has easy DIY as it fits into the previous peephole without the need for drilling and tools.  If you have no peephole then you would require a drill and drill bit to create the required hole.


If you’re in the market for these types of devices I would caution everyone, do your homework, check out the product and reviews, ask questions and shop around. And make sure you check out your city, state and country laws before buying.


Or else its buyer beware!

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