Terms Of Agreement

Before beginning the application process please carefully read the information below, you can then either choose to “Agree or Disagree” with MPcam terms and conditions.

Terms & Conditions

This confirms that you the (Retailer/Wholesaler/Consultant) have agreed to allow MPcam to create and post your Company Info (Retailer/Wholesaler/Consultant) on our (MPcam) company website.

This collected information will be displayed on the (Where To Buy Tab (Only)) on the MPcam website.

The collected information will not be shared, given, exchanged or sold, but only provided in the manner stated above.  Whereas we (MPcam) will post your (Retailer/Wholesaler/Consultant) contact info to supply potential customers with another source to contact you (But Not Limited To You) the (Retailer/Wholesaler/Consultant) so customers can purchase the item sought after our (MPcam Products) through your business (Retailer/Wholesaler/Consultant) location.

The collected information for this posting on the MPcam website will contain the following information.

  • Your (Retailer/Wholesaler/Consultant) Full Company Registered Name - Mandatory Requirement

  • Your (Retailer/Wholesaler/Consultant) Full Company Registered Mailing Address - Mandatory Requirement

  • Your (Retailer/Wholesaler/Consultant) email address - Optional, as we understand some of you may not wish to share this information.  If you the (retailer/Wholesaler/Consultant) provides it, then we (MPcam) will include it.

  • Your (Retailer/Wholesaler/Consultant) Company Operating Times (Days and Hours) - Mandatory Requirement.

  • Your (Retailer/Wholesaler/Consultant) Company Contact Numbers (Phone & Fax) - Mandatory Requirement

  • Extension Number (If Any) – Optional, as we understand some of you may not have this. If you the (Retailer/Wholesaler/Consultant) provide it, then we (MPcam) will include it.

  • Your (Retailer/Wholesaler/Consultant) Company Website (www.YOUR-COMPANY-WEBSITE.com) - Optional, as we understand some of you may not have a website.  If you the (Retailer/Wholesaler/Consultant) provide it, then we (MPcam) will include it.

  • Closest Intersection to your (Retailer/Wholesaler/Consultant) business. - Mandatory Requirement

It confirms that you the (Retailer/Wholesaler/Consultant) have purchased or will be purchasing 4 pieces minimum. (MPcam will Validate/Confirm Purchase). Before this agreement between (MPcam and you the Retailer/Wholesaler/Consultant) business will be placed on the MPcam website and activated.

Confirms that your application for reseller status will be reviewed with 48 hours of you submitting it. (With exception of holidays.)

Confirms that adding your (Retailer/Wholesaler/Consultant) contact info to the (Where to Buy Tab (Only)) on the (MPcam) website will not happen immediately and that it may take a month or more to occur, but not more than two months. Once the application and qualifying criteria has been confirmed.

That providing your company (Retailer/Wholesaler/Consultant) contact info, allows our (MPcam) customers links to your (Retailer/Wholesaler/Consultant) corporate info, through but not limited to the information you the (Retailer/Wholesaler/Consultant) have provided (MPcam) with above.

This info can only be provided/posted if you the (Retailer/Wholesaler/Consultant) have joined; completed and became a valid member of the MPcam Community.

Note: That MPcam has the right to exclude you the (Retailer/Wholesaler/Consultant) from our website for any reason such as; but not limited to the following and that (MPcam) can and will change the agreement terms at anytime (Without Notice to you the Retailer/Wholesaler/Consultant) and that (MPcam) has the right to adjust this list at any time for any issues should they arise (Without Notice to you the Retailer/Wholesaler/Consultant).

Reasons For Terminating The Agreement, please refer to the forums section “Agreement Termination” or click here.

By Clicking the Agree link. Below It confirms that you the (Retailer/Wholesaler/Consultant) have read and “Agreed” to the MPcam terms, conditions and/or policies and affirm that all information you will provide to be true and accurate as at the time of this agreement.


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