Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Use Security Cameras!

1)  Security cameras (IP cameras) are the obvious choice for a wireless camera which can be connected to a computer, laptop, notebook, tablet or cell phone.

2)  IP Cameras require their own power connection, yet are still quite flexible and once connected wirelessly (WiFi), can be moved without limitations of Ethernet cabling connecting the camera to the host device. WiFi capable cameras can easily be moved around to make it more difficult for a prospective burglar to know its whereabouts and do not require endless cables, only power.

3) Most security IP cameras are capable of infrared imaging, with night vision capabilities to allow 24/7/365 coverage.

4) Top line models also provide built in encryption to prevent hacking and loss of signals or tampering of images and data.

5) The availability of programs which allow the camera and computer to determine if there is motion in the field of vision and activate an alarm greatly increases the ability of a user to create their own security system in case of need.

6) IP cameras can also serve as conference cameras for the modern business. With conference calls around the world to multiple sites taking place increasingly, there is need for cameras which can provide clear pictures, transmit them to the network and easily move around the conference room.

7) Another business related camera task is the creation of multimedia presentations. From creation of commercials to video training files, businesses can find many applications for the ability to produce video using the camera.

8) WiFi cameras are also useful because several can be placed as needed and the viewer can switch from one to another as needed. While there are seldom enough network connections to allow a camera to be placed wherever might be convenient, it is quite possible to have that many power connections.

9) IP security cameras will record their observation. Many can also determine how much space is present on the associated hard drive, and begin to write over the oldest files when they’ve used their allowed space. This provides a compromise between keeping files forever and having reasonable limits on how much storage to purchase. Most can record only periods when something is moving on screen, with only period frames at other times to show the passage of time.

10) Not all security cameras are intended to watch for burglars; some use them to monitor babies while they rest. The ability to feed the video through a network into a web browser can allow a parent or other person to watch the baby from elsewhere in the house or even across the world, assuming you have left your children in the care of someone else. The systems can also be used to keep an eye on pets, especially animals that are kept outside of the house. Farmers can use WiFi cameras and signal repeaters to keep watch their stock or periodically check on current conditions in a barn or even a field.

Home cameras are almost a necessity. Webcams are growing to be as common as internet connections, with many teenagers almost refusing to believe that anyone would talk on the telephone without being able to see each other.

Popular Uses For IP Cameras.

  • A wireless IP camera can offer you plenty of great benefits. If you aren’t familiar with this type of device though don’t worry. As you find out about what they can offer, you will see why investing in one is a good idea. They can be used for your home or your business.
  • With a wireless IP camera you will have the ability to view live motion from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. As a parent it can be very difficult to leave your children in the care of someone else. This type of camera can offer you a way to check in on them throughout the day. Plus you can see the smiling face of your child too and be assured that things are going along just fine in your absence.
  • In the world of business it is sometimes necessary to keep an eye on both customers and employees. You can do that with the use of a wireless IP camera. It can assist you with ensuring the rules of the business are being followed. In a business where you strive for excellent customer service you need to know things are being handled properly. Note: In many countries it is considered an invasion of one’s personal privacy if the camera is used to monitor the employee(s) performance and you can be sued as a result of this, but there is no harm in using the camera to monitor their safety or security.
  • Another great benefit of a wireless IP camera is that you get to download and store the footage that is being recorded. You get to decide where you would like that footage to be placed. Keeping it saved can be very valuable should you need it for employee related concerns (Theft/Vandalism) and/or to offer evidence to law enforcement agencies.
  • If you are away from home often for work or to travel for fun you still want to know your home is well protected. With the use of a wireless IP camera you can easily use a computer including a laptop with a wireless connection to view what it going on. You won’t need to be so worried about it and feel like you are too far away to do much about it.

Helping You Decide!

Anyone can easily set up and use this type of equipment. It is much easier to put into motion than you might think. With just a small amount of time and some basic tools you will be able to get the job done. There is no need to worry about computer programming or electrical installation.

Once you have your wireless IP camera in place, may I suggest our (F Series MPF-7018 model), you will begin by selecting a place for the camera to stand or be mounted, then you need to connect it to your device (Laptop/Computer/Other) and then install the software for it on your device. It will launch a step by step process for you to follow to get the camera up and running.

When you’re finished you will have the security and protection of a device that can be used for a variety of needs you may have.

Take your time to compare prices and features, there are 100’s of models out there including ours.  You want to be confident that it will be able to suit the needs you have for it. With the technology that they offer you don’t want to be afraid that they are going to be too expensive. In fact, they are more affordable than you might have planned to spend.

You will find that the use of a wireless IP camera is starting to take over the more traditional forms. These cameras offer more flexibility and they make it possible for you to get information from a remote location. It doesn’t matter where you happen to be.

There are plenty of great ways you can use this type of camera. You will be very glad you made such an investment. The versatility and the possibilities are amazing when you have a wireless IP camera at your disposal.

How To choose The Best IP Cameras

Every day, new innovations are created for providing home security. One of the latest continuing is the wireless IP camera.

If a home is equipped with a wireless network for connecting computers and appliances, one or more of these cameras will be a breeze to bring into the system. However, there are many different levels of camera models available, making choosing the best wireless IP camera a matter of what is expected of it.

For example, our MPcam F Series MPF-7018 wireless IP camera comes with an integrated microphone that allows one to monitor audio as well as video, audio output which allows you to communicate with the camera audience. In addition, it comes with motion detection capability and the ability to email snapshots to a secure location.

It can also record motion video at a rate of up to 30 frames per second. This camera is able to connect to any WiFi network that utilizes 802.11b or 802.11g wireless protocols without having to connect to a computer.

Other features are an industrial strength IR filter with 10 build in LED lights and the ability to capture high quality images whether it is day or night. In addition to these features, this camera also comes with the option to connect it to a computer via analog or Ethernet ports.

The MPF-7018 Internet Camera from MPcam is a slightly higher end camera which includes the ability to manage and view up to four separate cameras from a remote location using a web browser.

Furthermore, it records action video and the ability to take stop action photos, the operator can zoom in to get a clearer image when needed and email recordings to a secure location.

The camera features the ability to set them up and walk away knowing that they will snap a photo and email it to the owner in the event the motion sensor is activated. This is done using the existing wireless network without any direct connection to a computer. Another advantage is the ability to record images to a DVR without having to connect directly to a computer.

Being wireless also makes it possible to conceal the camera or place it in area where it is less likely to be tampered with or obstructed.  After all a camera which can not view its surroundings because someone put something in its viewing path is not doing its job.

The ability to set the camera to pan the viewing area, 270° of Horizontal Pan (left and right) & 120° of Vertical Tilt (up and down) with Unlimited Patrol Tours Consisting of 16 Preset Positions.

Finally, Multiple Remote Platform Viewing Options - Use via the Internet from your 3G Mobile Phone, Laptop, PC, or Tablet Devices and its Whisper Quiet.

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