What does this product offer?

Our MP camera is dedicated to providing 24/7 security monitoring of any home, office or business which requires day and night security. Our MPCam can easily be mounted to any wall or ceiling and offers 120° tilt and 270° pan, providing full monitoring of the space in which the device is located. In addition our camera has unlimited tours which consist of 18 preset positions. Each camera automatically moves along a desirable route (You Set) to allow users to easily capture a number of specific points around any room to ensure even the most sensitive area’s are covered by using the cameras easy-to-use interface. Furthermore, live video can be accessed or recorded through the internet on ay PC/Laptop or even a 3G mobile device such as Blackberry, Iphone or Android. And to ensure complete security you can hook up your cameras motion detector to send alerts and/or activate security alarms.