When Is Enough – Enough?

When Is Enough – Enough?

Do you know that London England has the worlds most proliferate CCTV camera systems. England has always led that count with an estimated 4.2 million, but new studies suggest these numbers are much lower now at 1.85 million cameras.  We have calculated this to an average of one camera for every 41.6 people in living in London and its 32 surrounding boroughs at 7.700,000.

The US leads all countries with an estimated 22 million security cameras installed nationwide, but most are estimated to be in the private sector, for malls, businesses and homes.

Canada in comparison pales with an estimated 1.5 million security cameras out there and again primarily used in malls, businesses and homes. A report commissioned in 2009 and funded by the Contributions Program of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner, Ottawa, and by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada stated that at least 14 towns or cities were currently using or having tried open‐street CCTV by 2007 and at least 16 more municipalities were considering or having considered it.

Regardless they are still staggering numbers and you may question are they worthwhile, you may argue “No” as England still has one of the highest crime rates around. That’s a scary thought when advocates would argue it deters crime.  I would hate to ponder what the crime rate would be if they were not there.

World Top Ten Countries With Highest Reported Crime Rates



Crime Rate

United States


United Kingdom










South Africa








Now Thailand, more precisely Bangkok is embarking on an ambiguous project with plans to install 1 million cameras over the next 3 years. The major difference here is England’s systems are primarily dispersed in business and high pedestrian traffic areas. Whereas the systems in Bangkok will be primarily deployed to residential areas with more than 950,000 of the 1 million cameras destined for these areas.

So the question is when is enough – enough?

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