Why Choose An IP Camera?

IP Cameras have come a long way in the last decade and are continuing to grow in popularity compared to CCTV systems.

The simple matter of the fact is IP cameras can do what traditional analog cameras (CCTV Systems) do, at a fraction of the costs and do it wirelessly.

Although CCTV systems do a good job, they are most times cost prohibitive for small to mid sized businesses and especially end users. 

CCTV systems are designed primarily for use in large corporations, financial and government institutions, casinos, correctional facilities or for places where security and strict monitoring is required.  

For the average users they are just too big and expense and that’s where IP cameras come in.  They fill this niche market where dollars count, where the user can install, operate and maintain.


  • Minimal To No Maintenance.
  • No Added Labour.
  • No Added Install Charges.
  • No Added Components.
  • No Monthly/Annual Monitoring Fees.
  • No Licensing Fees

So why choose an IP camera system?

Five Key Points

  • Go Wireless.
  • Less Required Devices
  • Fewer Required Devices - Manufacturing - Friendly To The Environment.
  • With fewer Components, You Save Money.
  • Easy to Install, Maintain & Monitor.

Let’s take at look at each point in further detail and show you why going to a wireless IP camera is beneficial to you and what advantages it offers.

Point 1) – Going Wireless

  • You can reuse installation cables for other applications.
  • You have no tampering of cables to disrupt communication with camera.
  • You have no intrusive cables lying around.
  • Esthetically it’s more appealing.
  • You can connect to device using any platform which connects to the internet.

Point 2) – Less Required Devices

  • No need for cables to and from each dedicated device.
  • No DVR systems required.
  • No dedicated storage systems. Buyer beware, some systems charge a licensing fee for storing data.
  • No dedicated computer systems.
  • Less money spent getting the required components, installed and setup.

Point 3) – Fewer Required Devices - Manufacturing

  • Less components equates to fewer required mineral resources extracted from the earth to produce each device.
  • Less components requires less hydro to manufacture each device.
  • Less components means fewer items to be recycled at the end of the product life cycle.
  • Fewer components means less materials going to landfill.
  • Fewer components reduces our carbon & CO2 footprint.

Point 4) – You Save Money

  • By not requiring additional cables.
  • By not requiring a DVR.
  • By not requiring a dedicated computer or storage device.
  • By not requiring labour to install the system.
  • By not requiring a room to store all the needed components.
  • By not requiring maintenance on the system, except DIY.
  • By not requiring someone to monitor the system, except yourself.

Point 5) – Easy to Install, Maintain & Monitor

  • Your setup and running in minutes not days.
    • You do the work, easy to install, easy DIY.
  • Maintenance may require a periodical cleaning.
    • No monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or annual inspections and maintenance like a CCTV system requires.
    • Recommended you clean twice annually with spring and fall cleaning.
  • Monitoring,
    • You do at your convenience. 
    • No extra help needed by outside monitoring companies or hired personal.

Purchasing an IP Camera instead of an Analog CCTV camera system will save you the expense of purchasing.

  • Dedicated Cables
  • Dedicated Computers
  • Dedicated Storage Devices
  • Dedicated Digital Video Recorders

In addition you save.

  • Needless Wasted Man Hours
    • To Install
    • To Maintain
    • To Monitor

In closing if your finances are limited and you can not afford a CCTV system and the upkeep which goes along with it, then you best option is to choose an IP camera system.  A decision you will never regret making, in fact the hardest decision you will make is where to place your camera and how many to purchase.

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