Why Do You Need A Surveillance Camera

There are many reasons why, the most popular being to protect your belongs; here are the top reasons.

  1. Protect Your Business

  2. Protect Your Family

  3. To Monitor Employees

  4. To Monitor Secure Area’s

  5. To Prevent Loss.

  6. Preventative Measures

  7. Business Security Systems

Now I will talk about each section briefly so you can see that there is many reasons why you need security.

1) Protect Your Business

 “Shoplifting” or the stealing of merchandise and/or money by a person from your business. this could be done by means either external or internal (employee) theft or a combination of both.  A report by the Retail Council of Canada’s 1997 Retail Security audit estimated retailers suffer losses each year of almost $4 Billion.

Contributors to the report attribute 46% of losses to theft by customers, 29% to theft by employees, 19% to administrative errors and 6% to vendor fraud. The survey results indicate that “customers” steal $5 Million per day. The average loss in each incident involving a customer theft was reported at $104, and the average per employee was $338.

Obviously, the cost of these losses affects:

  • Retailers, whose profits are reduced, or who must raise prices in a competitive market;
  • Sales associates, whose pay and hours can be affected; and,
  • Consumers, who in the end, pay for the losses in higher prices.

The most effective way to prevent theft is to remove the opportunity for the crime to take place and when this can not be done and then measures can be taken to deter or prevent it.

It is also estimated that 90-95% of all thefts are not planned but rather that opportunity knocks, that a situation where the business or employee left the items in a compromising situation and a snatch and grab occurred or they were momentarily distracted and when they return the item has disappeared.

2) Protect You Family

You may think that installing a security camera in a home is not needed, but think again, many break & entries do not happen at businesses but happen at home. Why? Because criminals know that most households do not have security measures in place.  There are other reasons you may want a security camera in your household.

  • To Monitor Your Children
  • To Monitor Household
  • To Protect Your Belongings
  • To Lower Your Insurance Premiums
  • To Have Piece Of Mind

Did you know the main cause of (Physical or Sexual) abuse of children, elderly or other family members comes for the hand of other family members, and that most times the victims are too afraid to report it. A camera not only catches these acts but acts as proof so the assailant can be prosecuted.

The cleaning staff you hired may be pinching stuff from you and you do not discover it missing until far too late or the nanny is using your household for purposes you did not authorize or the baby sitter says your child fell, when they may have caused the harm.

Did you know that you could save money on your insurance premiums by installing a security system?  Most people do not, contact your insurance company and ask if this will reduce your premiums. Just like an alarm in your car, one n your house does the same.

Or maybe you just want to know that everything is fine at home while you are away.

3) To Monitor Your Employees

You may be monitoring your employees to ensure they are not in harm, being robbed or attacked.  You may be using it to monitor them as inventory or funds have been disappearing or maybe you own a bar and you feel they are pilfering stock or pocketing money meant for the bar. Or maybe you’re the type of employer who just wants to watch them to monitor their performance.  Well if you do this can be used against you in many jurisdictions as it will be considered an infringement of the right to privacy, even you they have signed an agreement otherwise. Privacy laws prevent such activities.

4) To Monitor Secured Area’s

Many businesses have what they call secured areas, places where high value items are stored or where only certain employees are allowed to enter.  Security cameras in areas like these alert the owners to any movement in or around them.

5) To Prevent Loss

Or you may want to install them simply as a deterrent to prevent loss.  It is known that when an establishment has a security device in place that criminals will scout of the premises a day or two ahead of the criminal act. 

They will see where the devices are and how many are there, so when they enter the building they either try to avoid the cameras by keeping their face turned away from the camera or by trying to disguise their looks by wearing masks or other garments to hide their features. 

Interestingly many criminals make the mistake of wearing the same clothing articles they did when they scouted the location a few days previously.  They also make mistakes on the day of the crime and if you are vigilant will notice this, little things like behavior when they are outside location, they may appear to be scared, fidgeting or looking into the store to see how many customers are in it before entering or waiting for the ideal time. 

If you think someone is acting suspicious or looks suspicious, then make eye contact with them and pick up a phone like your calling someone, never start to approach them, you may put yourself into harms way.  Most times they will walk off or run away when they think they are being reported.  Call 911 and report it, they will alert the police and confront the individual.  And you can then show the responding officer the video of what you observed to proof your suspicions.  They will either arrest the suspect or tell them to move on after taking down their information (ID).

6) Preventative Measures

  • Advertise against shoplifting. Post warning signs, indicating a rigorous shoplifting policy.
  • Avoid tall display counters that obstruct your view. Present merchandise in such a way that customers can easily see it and you can easily see the customer.
  • Avoid narrow, cluttered aisles. Thieves prefer working under the cover of a crowd.
  • Keep valuable merchandise away from store exits. Valuables should be kept in locked displays or behind counters. Arrange unprotected valuables neatly, so that any missing item will be quickly noticed.
  • If the merchandise you are selling comes in pairs, only display one of a pair.
  • Where possible, fasten down small appliances used for display purposes. “Dummy” displays are most preferable.
  • Discourage loitering. When the store is crowded, encourage employees to circulate and offer help.
  • If you suspect a shoplifter, pay this individual a lot of attention. A customer will be flattered; a thief is likely to rush off.

7) Business Security System

  • Use the personnel and material at hand to develop a sound system of security within your store.
  • Divide your store into sections and assign certain employees to each section.
  • Develop a warning system so that employees can be alerted when the presence of a thief is suspected.
  • Never leave a section unattended.
  • Always lock away expensive merchandise.
  • Give customers receipts for all purchases and spot check receipts at the exists.
  • Locate mirrors so that several areas of the store can be seen at one glance.
  • CCTV (closed circuit TV cameras) not only discourage shop theft, but can aid in identifying thieves and may be used as evidence

In Closing

Unfortunately, too few people appreciate that we all pay for these losses. These costs are borne through significant resources, equipment and effort required for apprehension and prosecution of shop thieves by retail, police, courts, correctional and community services.

Preventing even a portion of external thefts should translate into considerable savings. Making an apprehension is not the preferred response; there is no profit, nor should there be, in making an arrest.

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