Night Vision & Whole Room Surveillance

Can not see in the dark not sure what's out there?

Well let MPcam light up the way for you.  Our MPcam camera has exceptional night vision with Excellent 24 Hour Surveillance Offering Impressed Night Vision..  

Our MPcam camera is equipped with an industrial level Infrared filter which provides high performance and stability in low-light or even completely dark environments.

How about 10 built-in Infrared LED's

That's right 10 built in Infrared LED's which turn on and adjust automatically as the lighting levels decrease to reveal crystal clear monochrome video of the surrounding area. 

Our MPcam camera will shed darkness and reveal hidden items, pets or persons. No need to worry anymore about what may be lurking in the dark.

Our MPcam camera offers extra wide, whole-room surveillance coverage with.

270°  -  Horizontal Pan (Left & Right Function).
120°  -  Vertical Tilt (Up & Down Function).

Moreover, MPcam camera's offer unlimited patrol tours.

Each MPcam camera will automatically move along a pre-described route which the operator sets.  Now the fun part, set up to 16 preset positions and activate, the MPcam camera will begin at preset point 1 and rotate through the sequence until it comes to the last preset position, at which time the sequence process will start over once more in a continuous loop.

The MPcam camera allows users to easily capture a number of specific points around any room to ensure even the most sensitive areas are continually covered, by using the camera's user friendly, easy-to-use user interface.

Why is this important?

When the camera is in motion thieves are less likely to enter the area as they know it's being monitored.  It is a proven fact that moving camera's are much more of a deterrent than that of a stationary device.  Thief's will avoid the area's with moving cameras and move onto a less secure area's which have a stationary or even better no device at all.

To reduce the likely hood you will not be broken into, add multiple devices as thief's brazen enough to tackle a moving camera will target it to deactivate it, but if you have whole room surveillance from multiple angles, then thief's will avoid it altogether as they are bound to be captured by other devices. And thief's know you may not recognize them, but the chances the police will are very good as most thief's are habitual and have long wrap sheets.

Try combination's of stationary and panning camera's, MPcam can get you setup.